What is Bandorama?

Bandorama Music School is the answer to making sure your child has a successful and most importantly enjoyable musical start. Bandorama is a method developed after many years of private teaching as well as teaching in both public and private schools This unique program utilizes a child's existing knowledge to learn the fundamentals of music. We create active learners who understand the fundamentals of music so they enjoy their musical experience whether it is in orchestra, band, mariachi, choir, or composition.

Now that technology has established its importance in the world and Bandorama looks to balance the education a student receives by enabling any student to enjoy a musicial experience, whether it be to play an instrument, singing , or writing music. Bandorama was started to provide tutoring to band students in groups to make it affordable. After spending many hours in the classroom, the framework for a method to help students become "literate" in music started after seeing the correlation between literacy in words and music.


If you haven't played music before we start with letters and playing recorder. Then a student has knowledge to play, sing, or even compose music!


We then learn songs with a few notes at a time so you can see music is simple.


Once we have played easy songs a student is able to apply that knowledge to any musical experience.